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Q: What food items will be available for purchase?

A: Fresh produce, eggs, as well as prepared foods - a full list will be sent out a few days before the store.

Q: What are the prices?

A: Prices will be similar to a regular store however you can choose to pay whatever you can afford.

Q: Is there a maximum amount you can purchase?

A: Yes. Family units of 3 and under can purchase approximately $150 of items. Famiy units of 4+ can purchase up to approximately $200  of items.

Q: Do we need to fit a certain criteria to qualify?

A: No. Anyone who feels they need financial relief is welcome to purchase at whatever price they can afford. 

Q: Can we contribute?

A: Yes! We are looking for additional donors to help subsidize the cost. Please contact Rabbi Chezky Rosenfeld at

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